Thursday, March 26, 2009

Studying new routines

So when I joined the ranks as a Jazzercise instructor of January of 2009, I did not know what all I was in for. Recently, I have figured out the best way for me to learn and practice new routines. This was probably one of the biggest things that I struggled with when first starting out. I had committed myself to learning at least 2 new routines a week and that is much easier said than done! The strength training routines tend to be a bit easier to learn because they have 2 basic movements, and you just have to remember timing. However, the aerobic routines can have up to 4-5 combination's of moves…this was difficult to grasp for a newcomer.

So a couple days a week, I break out my videos and ALL of the choreography notes and sit on the floor and study. I have found that re-writing the notes helps me tremendously (thank you Wendy for that suggestion!). Having to re-write the notes helps me to remember what the moves are and how many times I repeat them. But still, it is a learning process and I tend to take over the living room when I do it. So I though you would enjoy the picture of me studying up on my Jazzercise routines.

I’m looking forward to teaching new routines and starting my Express classes, this is a new format for me…so I appreciate the support that my students have been giving me.

Until next time…
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