Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Mystery of Microphones

Since becoming a Jazzercise Instructor I have struggled with the understanding and purchasing of a microphone for classes. Technology & I have a love-hate relationship so I wanted to be sure that I purchased the correct type of microphone for me. As I enter into my 3rd month of teach, I have successfully broken 2 microphones already and these babies are NOT cheap. Well I came to find out that the second one that I broke was not waterproof, so that explains how I broke that one…I get a real workout when doing my Jazzercise classes, so I’m a sweaty mess by the end. So I managed to short-circuit that one because I sweat. But my main microphone (the waterproof one) kept crackling and I couldn’t understand why. All I have to say is THANK YOU to the lovely ladies at Supreme Audio, they were extremely patient with me and helped me find a headset that would work with my system that I will not break. It turns out with this one, I kept catching my arm on the wires and pull on them, hence making my headset short out. Who knew me being a spaz would break it. LOL, I know…I know; no big shock there. So they taught me a trick to keep the wire out of my way when teaching and also helped me order a wireless headset to go with my system. HOORAY!! I am so excited to try out the new headsets and I am sure that my students will be happy as well. So after this whole ordeal, I had to post about it; Supreme Audio is amazing, and any future or existing Jazzercise Instructors definitely need to order there microphones from them. Thank you again ladies, you were truly amazing.

Also, I have started creating iMixes on iTunes of my sets; once they have been published, I’ll let you know how to get a hold of them.

So I have bumped up my commitment to learning 4 routines a week to keep my students enjoying my classes, so here is what I have in store for this week…I will be learning the following new routines:
  • Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That - Robert Randolph & The Family Band (Aerobic)
  • Feel the Rush – Shaggy (Aerobic)
  • Miles Away – Madonna (Upper Torso)
  • Love Story – Katharine McPhee (Ender)

Happy Jazzering!

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