Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gimme some ENERGY!

I do not plug a lot of products out there, but this one has been AH-MAZING for me. The reason that I feel the need to talk about this product is because I have been out of it for a week and have noticed a HUGE difference in my energy while teaching. I first learned about this product on the Hungry-girl website, and I just started taking Jazzercise classes (as a student) and figured…why not let’s try it and see what happens.

Now, I am NOT a fan of energy drinks…my heart beats fast as it is, I don’t need ANYTHING else to make me jittery or amped up, so I am VERY hesitant to try the products out there {I can’t stand Red Bull, Monster, etc}. So when I got the email from Hungry-girl, I knew that I could trust it.

FRS Healthy Energy comes in many different forms…I prefer the chews; they ROCK! I take just two chews before I teach a class and it makes ALL the difference in the world…when you have asthma it makes it a bit tough to get thru the top of the aerobic curve. Having FRS helps me to maintain the energy to work at high impact; I can not believe the difference! So…therefore I 100% recommend this product. I think that anyone who needs an added boost of energy should try this product.

So don’t worry folks, I bought some FRS today so no more slacking at the top of the curve! Hope to see you in class again soon!!

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