Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Jazzercise Elite Instructor Convention


In case you hadn’t heard…I recently attended the Jazzercise Elite Instructor convention in New Orleans. I had a FANTASTIC time…not only did I get to spend time with some awesome Denver Jazzercise instructors; this was my first experience with a convention. I have only been an instructor for 1 year so you can imagine HOW excited I was.


Our Jazzercise festivities started off on Friday, with the check in and a cocktail party. The cocktail party leaded into the opening ceremonies with a speech made by the CEO/President of Jazzercise, Judi Sheppard Misset.

I caught most of her speech on video; you can check it out here…


The second day included two seminars giving us information on how to create dynamic and exciting classes for our students. After the two seminars, we had a break to eat lunch and shop for togs.

Here is a picture of my idol Shanna Misset Nelson, I heart her…she is amazing!

During the afternoon we attended some high energy classes taught by Shanna, Young & other members of the taping team. WOW…they were amazing. I did manage to catch the Intensity workshop on video, you can see it here:


We started off the morning dancing with Tim Roberts. This was an amazingly fun hip-hop funk class. Tim teaches you steps in 8 counts and places it all together. SO MUCH FUN!! After that Judi, Shanna, Young, Rich, Chere and others got on stage and taught us some routines from the new set that is coming out. WOW, that was so awesome to take a class taught by Judi and the taping team! I know…I’m a dork but it was really amazing!

All in all it was an AH-MAZING experience and I would 100% do it again. I have posted pictures from the convention onto my photobucket site, and you can see the awesome and fun instructors that I went to the convention with. Not to mention meeting up with one of my Twitter Jazzer girls as well – that was really COOL {and kind of dorky at the same time}. I can’t wait for next year’s convention which will be in VEGAS!!!

Here is the direct link to all of the photos that were taken from the convention.

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