Monday, August 29, 2011

I’m teaching a new class format

I am pretty excited to announce that I am growing up in the Jazzercise world. I have been asked to teach a Jazzercise Body Sculpting class every two weeks. So I have graduated from teaching Regular Jazzercise, with an occasional Circuit class thrown in…to Body Sculpting! I am pretty excited.

exercise tubes

What is Jazzercise Body Sculpting, you ask?
Here is the direct quote from the Jazzercise website…
Jazzercise Body Sculpting
Sculpted arms, a strong core, tight glutes, and firm legs are the focus of this challenging 40-50 minute muscle toning workout that features a creative combination of strength training and stretching.

So…grab your weights, tubes and exercise ball and join me for my first Body Sculpting class this Sunday 8:15 AM at the Aurora Jazzercise Center!

Hope to see you in class!

exercise balls

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