Friday, February 28, 2014

Ask JazzerStephanie: Are instructors ever scared?

Hi all! I have decided that I miss writing, and I want to make my blog a little more interactive. I know that some people really appreciate me posting my music sets weekly, but I want to do more than this. For several reasons:

  1. I used to have a blog where I would post my various adventures and Mantra’s of the week. I took that blog down, but I have been missing it lately.
  2. I know people have questions about being a Jazzercise instructor or about exercise in general, so what better way to get my “writing bug” out there and open up a forum called “Ask JazzerStephanie!

Ya I know, I’m a dork…but hey at least I keep myself entertained. So here is what I will try and do, I will post one blog per week with the questions that I get from you. What’s that you say--how do I ask you a question? Simple, you can fill out the “Ask JazzerStephanie” form on my blog, you can send me an email, you can private message me on Facebook, send me a tweet on Twitter, whatever your heart desires.
I will warn you, if you ask me in person…I will probably forget. LMAO Sound like a plan? OK, good.

Here is my first official post/question.
Do Jazzercise Instructors ever get scared? 

HOLY CANOLI do we. Well, I do…I can’t speak for others. If you knew me back in the day (meaning grade school through high school), I was the quiet girl that very rarely talked. I was painfully shy, I didn’t want any attention and I just wanted to be left alone. That’s right folks, this girl is 100% an introvert; I could go DAYS without talking to anyone and be fine. When I was shipped off to college this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my whole life; I had to adjust to become an extrovert.

But, I digress...the current day JazzerStephanie still gets nervous before every class. When I am sitting in the locker room, my heart rate is from 100-110. The moment I step on stage and that music starts, I’m already at 135! Now if you add in a current instructor taking my class or me being monitored, ya my heart rate gets to HULK status.

So to answer the question, yes I get nervous…and I think I will get nervous until I hang up my Jazzercise shoes. Thanks for reading! And I hope for more questions soon.