Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ask JazzerStephanie: What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

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Ooo what a good question. Well, a couple come to mind—but the biggest “blunder” that I had, was when I fell off the stage.

It was March of 2010; I was a new-ish instructor and had just been laid off from work, so I was teaching multiple classes a day to keep myself busy. I arrive to my second class of the day at the Denver Jazzercise Center. At the Denver Jazzercise Center, the stage is approximately 3-4 feet off the ground and smaller than what I am used to teaching on. Oh, did I mention that it’s carpet?

I was really excited because I had two new students in class and I had a routine with Jazz Squares in them, so before class, I briefly walked through the Jazz Square pattern so they were familiar. I open with “That’s Not My Name” and everything is going great! My second song “Pump It Up” starts, I had not taught this routine since I certified back in January of 2009, so I was a bit nervous bringing it back. About half way through the song, I went to the side to side Chasse and my foot caught on the carpet, I tumbled RIGHT off the stage.

Now, not only did I fall off the stage, I fell right on top of the spare equipment. I took down the handheld weight tower when I fell and all of the weights fell on my legs. Because of that, my body jerked towards the wall where I hit an exercise ball, bounced off that, and landed hard on the ground on my back. I have NO idea what I said while all of this was happening. All I remember is looking down at my left hand and seeing my middle finger in the shape of a Z. I quickly popped up, covered my hand and asked if ANYONE gotten that on camera (nobody had).

My class manager came over to help me, I turned the mic off and told her, I think I broke my finger and I need to go to the hospital, can you see if there is another instructor here to continue teaching class? Thankfully, the instructor that had taught the class prior to mine was still there and she jumped on stage and continued to teach my class while I went to the hospital.

I was taken to the hospital, I had dislocated my finger…nothing was broken. If you like icky gory stuff, you can CLICK HERE to see my x-ray.

They reset my finger, sent me home in a splint, and told me that I could not exercise for at least 1 week. Then depending on how it was healing, I could start taking class again. 1 month later and with permanent damage to my finger, I was back teaching again.

To this day…I still have not taught “Pump It Up”, and I am kind of afraid to. And if another instructor teaches it during a class, I will head to the restroom to check my hair. LOL

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