Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PLAYLIST: Core #09

JazzerStephanie’s Jazzercise Core Playlist #09
Work That Body ~ Faith Michaels
Break Free ~ Ariana Grande
Must Be Love ~ Christina Grimmie
Stay the Night ~ ZEDD (feat. Hayley Williams)
Glam ~ Dimie Cat
Scream ~ Usher
Sandstorm ~ Darude
Bom Bom ~ Same and the Womp
Celebration ~ Madonna
Me Against the Music ~ Glee Cast
This Is How We Do ~ Katy Perry
The Big Bang ~ Katy Tiz
Magic ~ Colbie Caillat
Telephone ~ Lady Gaga (feat. Beyonce)
Dark Horse ~ Katy Perry
Put Your Hands Up ~ Matchbox Twenty

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