Wednesday, March 04, 2015

PLAYLIST: Dance Mixx #202


JazzerStephanie’s Dance Mixx Playlist #202
Unbreakable ~ Dan D-Noy
Adios ~ Ricky Martin
Celebrate ~ Pitbull
Granite~ Pendulum
She Looks So Perfect ~ 5 Seconds of Summer
Dance Apocalyptic ~ Janelle Monae
Celebrate ~ Tribal Saints
MANiCURE ~ Lady Gaga
Lips Are Movin ~ Meghan Trainor
Me Against the Music ~ Glee Cast
Animals ~ Maroon 5
This Is My Party ~ Daddy’s Cash
Miracle Worker ~ SuperHeavy
Neon Lights ~ Demi Lovato
Say ~ John Mayer
Friend Like Me ~ Dimie Cat

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