About Me

Hi my name is Stephanie. I live in Aurora Colorado and I have been teaching Jazzercise since January of 2009. It has been SUCH an amazing experience for me. :) I started taking Jazzercise back in 2006 and just fell in love with it. In the past I HATED any type of exercise, and I tried everything...running, yoga, treadmill, elliptical, DVD workouts and nothing could keep my interest. So when I find something that I like...I go all out, I just had to become an instructor to show my students how much fun this can be! Jazzercise is the sole reason that I lost 9 inches off of my waist, can you believe that! It's an amazing all over workout.

So I created this blog to share information with my students and fellow instructors. I hope that you enjoy it and if you have any suggestions or comments, please share!

Happy Jazzercising!